3rd party testbed

Would it be possible to integrate 3rd Party/external testbed as another testbed within the 5GASP platform? If yes, what would be the main requirements?

Hi Rudolphensis,

Great to see the interest in participating in 5GASP ecosystem. For starters, the main requirements would be:

  • to provide cloud infrastructure with local instance of OpenSource MANO orchestrator (supported version >OSM10) capable of orchestrating deployments on the said cloud infrastructure

  • provision testbed/orchestrator in 5GASP portal (NODS)

  • establish VPN to other testbeds for management and NetApp (or NetApp components) communication

  • optionally, deploy 5GASP CI/CD agent to integrate into the 5GASP CI/CD pipeline allowing automated testing and deployment of NetApps

You can read more info about this at 5GASP Project and more info about involved testbeds at Facilities.

Thanks lukakorsicinin for the answer. it’s been a while, however, have an additional question I would also like to clarify: in case an external testbed is integrated into the 5GASP ecosystem, would it be also possible to provide end-to-end slice, meaning the slice provided to the UE by one of the “core” 5GASP testbeds to be extended to the external testbed?
Many thanks!

Hi rudolphensis,

In principle this should be possible to some extent. For example, deploy 5G CORE in one testbed and 5G gNB in the other one. For this, the connectivity between the testbeds (i.e. between CORE and gNB) would be dynamically orchestrated by 5GASP zero-touch VPN platform.

Moreover, the 5G parameters for configuration of gNB and CORE should be agreed prior to deploying (e.g. PLMN, 5G band etc.) and even more importantly, the users should be provisioned and SIM cards are to be provided from the CORE testbed to the UEs (on other testbed).

I hope this clarifies a bit.