Integration of Kubernetes as VIM

Hello all,

I was currently working exclusively with VNF-based applications. Having read your project’s plans towards containerization and CNF packaging of your applications, I would like to kindly ask for some information towards a correct Kubernetes installation and configuration for OSM, as it seems there is not explicit reference to register Kubernetes as an infrastructure manager as there was with Openstack, for instance.

Thank you in advance.

Hello @m.moreno,

Indeed as there is not an explicit reference for Container Infrastructure Manager, as it was with VIMs, OSM provided some documentation on Kubernetes cluster integration found at this link.
Although it is not obvious, there is an option to register a “dummy” VIM, pointing at a non-related IP address and link it with your Kubernetes installation through OSM’s UI. This way you may be able to deploy CNFs without any customizations outside OSM. The networking must be then handled by an own-provided Kubernetes load balancer though, eg. MetalLB.

Hope this helps.

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