Cannot edit VNF description in OSM GUI

It seems that I cannot edit a VNF description in OSM GUI. It shows back “file not a zip file” error.

Hello @xvasilakos.

This error is mainly present in OSM#11, which still has some “blocking” issues.
Regarding the previous releases of OSM, you shouldn’t face this error.

Assuming you’re using OSM#11, I can recommend that you download the original VNF tar.gz file and that you update its descriptor locally, on your machine. Then, you can recreate the VNF package and re-onboard it to OSM. Actually, I’ve heard about other solutions, but the local editing of the descriptors is the most consentual one.

Besides, since OSM#11 is still under development, I think you should be aware of the sub-versions being rolled out. This because the OSM team is already aware of this issue, and said that they’ll work on it. So, we should expect this error being solved really soon.



Many thanks; now it makes sense.

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