CI/CD Pipeline - Who can use it?


While navigating your website I found out that you will implement a CI/CD Pipeline to validate NetApps. What is your goal in making available such a Pipeline? And, will I be able to use this pipeline to test my NetApps.

Hello, Camille!

Yes, we intend to make available a validation pipeline for NetApps. This pipeline will be supported by automation tools and will allow NetApp developers to test and validate the behavior and functionality of their NetApps. To validate a NetApp we allow the NetApp developers to onboard their tests into our pipeline, which will then execute these tests and report back the results. Besides, the NetApp developers may also choose to test their NetApps with “5GASP’s pre-defined tests”. These tests validate infrastructure aspects, security ones, etc, and are already onboarded on the testbeds where the NetApps will be deployed.

Actually, we have two deliverables that address all the topics I mentioned. Please take a look at Deliverable 5.1 and Deliverable 5.2 .

If you want to be one of the developers that will use our testbed to validate a NetApp please send us an e-mail, so we can further discuss it :slight_smile:

You can contact us via
We look forward to hearing from you.