Kubernetes and Containers


I am a new NetApp developer. I would like to use Kubernetes and containers for my development. Do you have any suggestion where to start?

Many thanks

Hi @juanma9! Well, the first thing that you should do is to make sure that your services are stateless so that you can benefit from Kubernetes scaling properties.
Before moving forward to OSM and developing your NetApp, I advise you to ship your Application into Kubernetes where you can start developing your Pods, Deployments, and Services Manifest files. More information can be found on the Kubernetes Documentation (Concepts | Kubernetes). After you complete this step, you should take a look at CNFs/KNFs since OSM supports the deployment of Kubernetes-based Network Functions, more information on how to do so can be found on 5. OSM Usage — Open Source MANO 6.0 documentation. A useful tool that is frequently pratical when developing CNFs/KNFs is Helm Charts as it allows you to package all your YAML files, and will be important to onboard your KNFs to OSM. Finally, some interesting presentations that you may find helpful to develop and orchestrate your CNF in OSM are the following:

Hope that I could answer your question, and feel free to ask anything else :slight_smile: