NetApp's Testing and Validation

I’m currently developing a NetApp for an autonomous vehicle scenario, and I expect to finalize it by the middle of this month. I saw that you offer an autonomous validation pipeline, but you still haven’t implemented it all the way through. Once you achieve this I hope I can validate my NetApp via your validation mechanisms, but until then I will develop some tests to validate the structure and the behavior of my NetApp. Do you have any suggestions you can give me to implement these tests? For instance, if I should use any test framework or introduce CI/CD practices?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @varasso.

You are right. We are indeed in the process of developing a fully automated pipeline to validate NetApps.

Regarding your questions, in 5GASP we are using the Robot Framework to create the tests that will be made available in our pipeline. This framework is quite simple to use and provides nice reports and logs of the testing process. Besides Robot we also considered Katalon Studio, Selenium, and Eggplant, but from our analysis, we concluded that the Robot Framework was the best way to go.
Since we are aiming for a fully automated validation pipeline, we are using CI/CD tools to enable this pipeline. For now, we are only using Jenkins, but you may use other tools, like DroneIO, Circle CI, Gitlab ci, etc.
We chose Jenkins because it was an open-source and free CI/CD tool, besides being very powerful. I advise you to implement some CI/CD practices in your testing process, mainly if you will continuously run the same suite of tests. For instance, you could configure some mechanisms to, when your order it, deploy the NetApp in your testbed and execute a pre-defined set of tests to evaluate the behavior of your NetApp.

If you want to discuss this further you can send me an email ( and we can schedule an online audio call. I’ll be happy to help you out :slight_smile: