New NFV developer asking for hints

I am currently starting a new challenge, by stepping into the NFV Community as an NFV developer. In my opinion, it seems there is a lot to learn and understand to get started on this topic.
To help me with this process, do you have any tips on what I should read, or look into, first? Also, are there any useful tutorials that I should check out?​
Ty all :slight_smile:

Hi! ​

Well, Anna, a good starting point for you might be looking into the ETSI resources, such as Hackfests: OSM11 Hackfest - OSM Public Wiki. You might here find the PDFs of the presentations that have been used and even some videos.​
Additionally, you should investigate the 5GASP Community Portal, which contains different kinds of information such as tutorials and educational videos that will be helpful for you. Besides this, I recommend you to watch the past Webinars on the 5GASP YouTube Channel as it will introduce you to a variety of subjects. ​

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!