OSM and OpenStack, how are they related?

Hi all,

I am trying to understand the 5GASP experimentation platform described here https://portal.5gasp.eu/. How is Openslice related to Open Source Mano (OSM)?


Hi @Juanma9!

Is important to notice that OpenStack and OpenSlice are different things.

OpenStack is often used as a Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) connected to OSM. It basically works as a service that deploys the VNFs. OSM communicates with the VIM to deploy them and execute any type of day-0, day-1 and day-2 configurations.

OpenSlice is an Operations Support System that allows the users VNF/NSD onboarding to OSM, as well as its deployment management.

In our case, the 5GASP portal that you mentioned uses OpenSlice to allow the users to use the operations mentioned above in our 5GASP infrastructure. Besides that, you can also use it to deploy services and design tests by using standardized Open APIs, all of them over our infrastructure.

As said before, that connection between the user and our OSM is powered by OpenSlice.

Hope this clarifies the question, feel free to ask anything!