What is the difference between Juju Charms and Yaml files?


I am trying to understand the whole architecture for my deployment. I want to know what is the difference between Juju Charms and Yaml files, and how they allow me to deploy my NetApp in the 5GASP ecosystem.


Hello Juanma,

Although they may seem very similar, they are two different things with different aims. Juju charms contain YAML files, as YAML is just a text file format.

The first kind of YAML files are the ones we use as descriptors of the NetApps. In this case, we have two different sets of YAML descriptors. The first ones are the ones used to define the VNFs and NSDs that compose the NetApp. They follow the guidelines of OSM and TOSCA, and depending on the offered version, some keywords may change. For example, here you have the reference for the OSM latest version information model: OSM IM tree representation. Besides that descriptors, we also have the test descriptor, which is used to define the test plan to be applied to the NetApp once deployed. You can see examples in the 5GASP Community Portal.

On the other hand, the Juju Charms are also formatted in YAML files, although its aim is different and can include scripts in other languages or formats. They are used to VNF configuration and life-cycle management, that is, they are a collection of scripts that are typically used to provide Day-1 and Day-2 configuration. In this way, with Juju charms you can automatically configure your NetApp once it has been deployed. You can find more information here.

If you have any further question, do not hesitate to ask :slight_smile: