Will 5GASP’s testbed enable the deployment of inter-domain NetApps?

Hello everyone,​

I have been recently developing a NetApp which I expect to complete soon. This NetApp has the purpose of serving an inter-domain scenario. Thus, I would like to know if the 5GASP’s testbed will allow the deployment of inter-domain NetApps like mine, which would be a very interesting and useful feature. ​


Hi @jhahler ,

Yes, 5GASP will allow the deployment of inter-domain NetApps. To do so, our testbeds will be linked through Wireguard VPN Tunnels. These tunnels are possible due to NetOr, which is a Tunnel as a Service that deploys a Wireguard peer on each domain required. NetOr receives and processes the dynamic tunnel endpoints’ information and exchanges it with the peers, creating, consequently, a secure communication channel.
Even though it has not already been reached, on the next milestones of 5GASP, the testing and validation of inter-domain will also be possible, as it is one of the objectives that we intend to reach.

Hope that I could help, and if you have any further questions feel free to ask!