VNF working in OSM#8, but not in recent OSM Releases

Hello, all.

I recently started working on NFV and my manager asked me to make some adjustments to a VNF that was designed by one of our previous engineers. So, I started by trying to deploy it in our newest OSM instance, but I’m being presented with several errors regarding the VNF Descriptor. OSM indicates that there are several misdefined tags but I don’t know what I am doing wrong, since the VNF was supposed to be working. The VNF was initially tested in OSM 8 and right now I want to deploy it in OSM 10.

Can you help me with this?

Hi Jonas :slight_smile:

After release 8 of OSM, the VNF descriptors should be defined according to the SOL006 standard, and not the SOL005 one. OSM release 8 was the last one where the descriptors were written according to SOL005.
I’ve adapted some SOL005 VNFs to SOL006 and the process is not as complex as it might seem. Here is some information that might help you.

  • SOL005 VNFD Information Trees: here
  • SOL006 VNFD Information Trees: here

I hope it helps.

Btw, if your VNF is composed of some Juju Charms, you might also consider upgrading them to the newest ‘standards’ of OSM. Check this out: Day 1: VNF Services Initialization — Open Source MANO 6.0 documentation
The best of luck. And if you need help, I’m an active member of this forum. So, just add your questions to this thread.

Hi Rafael.

Thank you for your feedback. I’ll check the links you sent me.
I hope it helps me. Otherwise, I’ll get back to this thread :smiley:

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